PRGN Leadership Roundtable: PR in South Africa with Bradly Howland and Paul Konrardy

Part of the Public Relations Global Network Leadership Roundtable blog: a chat between Bradly Howland of HWB Communications in Cape Town, South Africa and Paul Konrardy of Evans Larson Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bradly shares the glories of Cape Town and what makes practicing PR/communication unique to that market – and yet the same as everywhere else in the world.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • What’s unique about implementing PR in South Africa.
  • Impact of multicultural market on strategy.
  • Tools and channels used to reach clients.
  • Where PR is heading.
  • Best advice for newly minted PR professionals.


  • What it’s like to live and work in Cape Town.
  • The historic location of the HWB Communications office.
  • Bradly Howland’s personal history with PR and communications.

Listen and learn.


To record their conversation, Paul and Bradly used Zoom – an easy cloud platform for video and audio conferencing.

Musical track courtesy of PacDV.

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PRGN member HWB Communications – located in Cape Town, South Africa – offers clients bespoke service and a track record of delivery in the media, marketing and stakeholder engagement space.

PRGN member Evans Larson Communications – located in Minneapolis, Minnesota – develops and manages successful campaigns that support business goals, solve complex and nuanced issues, and successfully deliver client messages to the right audience on the right channel.